“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”

Forget perfection.  Work on small consistent changes over time.

natureThe first rule of using any recommendations here is DO NOT STRESS.  Find what works and ignore what doesn’t, this is a personal journey – your journey.  Have fun and don’t dwell on days that are not perfect (I have many days where everything does not fall into place as well as these pages may suggest).  What makes sense to you (your ‘gut feel’) matters.

Look for sustainable changes and practices you can integrate into your life and your routines (please read the first couple of paragraphs on the link page).  If you cannot see yourself still practicing the change in a year then don’t continue – that doesn’t mean you won’t try, adapt, change or replace practices, but avoid anything that is clearly not sustainable for you or your lifestyle.  As an example, this is why so many ‘traditional diets’ fail, if you look back you could probably never see yourself following the practices long term and so lose weight only to put it all back on again.

As you read and learn and find your own journey pick up practices that come up time and time again in different books, podcasts, TED talks and alike – i.e. the same things from different resources or people.  One good book leads to another as will one good practice.  I was hugely skeptical about meditation but it came up time and time again as a good practice and looking back it is now probably the one part of my journey I would least like to stop.

Before Starting

  • Understand the key to success is how to change your habits – there are two great books in the side bar of this page that can help you understand (and implement) more

  • Knowledge is key.  While the science may be well above my grade level in many areas choose a medium or medium that is good for you to ingest information (read, podcasts, audio-books, YouTube etc).  It will make your choices clearer, easier and more sustainable

Habits make change possible by freeing us from decision making and from using self control

Start your own journey by

  • Selecting areas that appeal to you in the Get Started section (my take and personal stories on the subjects listed).
  • Find your own journey starting with the list of Resources provided. 
  • And use the Routines pages to try and find time for it all 🙂

How Long?
Well, that’s the great part, this is a journey that never ends.  While you may have weight loss or fitness targets, you may complete books or training programs, you can always learn more and always improve.  Many of the changes brought about by mindfulness and learning may suddenly wash across you or maybe it will be a quiet moment of reflection where you realize just how far you have come.  Likewise your eating habits and activity/exercise become a way of life rather than a focus/hardship.

How much?
By and large this is a holistic and natural approach to improving your well-being.  It is an investment of time and habit (or routine) changes for the most part.  While gadgets can be fun and of use in certain applications you will find relatively few references to gadgets, gimmicks, supplements or drugs.

Quality food may cost more per kilo than chemically or manufactured food products but the question of cost is really more about the cost of your well being and what that is worth to you?   There is no reason for the practices or ideas presented here to cost you any more than your current budget runs to – in fact the savings on health and mental well being make this incredibly good value however you look at it.  (For me the switch from beer to wine as a drink of choice and some luxuries such as macadamia nuts and organic dark chocolate have been increases to my budget – but I take no supplements or drugs, snack less and only eat twice a day.)