“I figured if I said it enough I would convince the world I really was the greatest”

A statement declared to be true

You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.  Or as the Buddha put it “What you think you become, what you feel you attract and what you imagine you create”. 


Affirmations are positive phrases that describe what or how you want to be.  Many successful people use affirmations and they have come up time and time again during my journey.  Your affirmations should match your vision and goals – if these are at odds you have a much smaller chance of success so ensure your thoughts are aligned (I find this hard at times as I am not always sure what direction I really want).   

Your affirmation can be about any aspect of your life – challenges you are facing or goals you want to achieve.  You can find plenty of examples online, or write your own – they might be personal, work related or personal/interest related.


Its well known that the subconscious mind works with the material we feed it.  Write down:

  • What you want
  • Why you want it
  • Whom you are committed to be to create it
  • What you are committed to doing to attain it
  • (Add inspirational quotes or philosophy to taste)

You can edit, delete or change affirmations as you like but it’s a repetitive process so better recorded in writing.

Say it (and repeat it daily, several times if you need to) out loud – Okay, a bit strange, but it’s the only way it works.

Mean it – Affirmations have to align with your work or personal goals/vision and when you say it, say it with emotion.

Personal Examples

An affirmation that did work for me:
Our property in XYZ is desirable and will attract interest.  I will sell our property in XYZ.  I will do this by promoting it on every platform I can find and working tirelessly to attract viewers until we sell
This property had been for sale for several years and was a financial burden.  By doing what I committed to each morning we sold the house within a month of starting.  Affirmation or focus or both?

An affirmations that didn’t work for me:
I will run a sub 3 Marathon in December 2017.  I will do this by committing myself to a structured training program and preparing myself physically and mentally
In short I committed to the affirmation but not the required training 🙂

Affirmations I’m using at the time of writing:
I want to be happy.  To enjoy my life and be content.  I am happy with what I have now, I am creating and living my dream.  I wish to be here now.  I will slow down and enjoy each moment without rushing to the next.  Enjoyment and fun are good.  I am letting go of any feelings of guilt for allowing myself time and space to enjoy life now