“Your only limit is you”

The ultimate primal workout can deliver massive performance breakthroughs

Sprinting is good even for endurance athletes when used appropriately.  Sprinting improves cardiovascular function, helps muscles buffer lactic acid and extends ‘time to fatigue’ markers at all intensity levels.

This (true sprinting session) really is all out and differs from tempo, fartlek or time trials.  Bear in mind –

  • Pick the right day – both physically and mentally.
  • Extensive deliberate and focused warm-ups are key (including dynamic stretches and drills as well as cardio).
  • Each sprint should be of a consistent quality (measured performance and perceived exertion level).
  • Think performance rather than suffering – its a short burst.
  • The sprints themselves can be ten to thirty seconds (I typically go long) – it is go max or go home.
  • Rest intervals generally around 30-60 seconds – but enough to recover that your respiration is near normal – you must be mentally refreshed and focused for each sprint
  • Usually 4-6 efforts, if you only deliver three but they are of consistent high quality all well and good.
  • Finish with a quality cool-down.