Get Started

“A week has seven days and someday isn’t one of them

Do something… anything… move forward

yogaThese are my ‘how to’ or ‘call to action’ pages.  My take, my advice and experiences summarized.

Be prepared to try new things, have an open mind even if some of this may seem ‘a little out there’ the first time around – it really does work 🙂 

When thinking of “wellness” you may have a one area you are already focused on, or that has brought you here – likely in the ‘Diet’ or ‘Activity/Exercise’ areas.  However, while diet and activity are important, the pillars of improving your overall wellness will come from improving your sleep, mindfulness and getting the right light as well balancing what you eat, drink and do.

The “sicker” you are the stricter you need to be.  If you are reading these pages to help make choices on adjustments to lifestyle that’s great; if you are reading them in the wish to relieve symptoms of illnesses then you will have to be a lot stricter – and likely work with your doctor (see disclaimer)

So where to start?
It may seem a little overwhelming so remember firstly this is a (never ending) journey and secondly ‘don’t stress’ – it will all fall in to place.  I’ve tried to keep the ‘get started’ pages relatively brief and to actionable points.

  • Jump right in and start slotting things in to your own day (you can use the Routines pages to help with ideas on how to fit everything in to your schedule) or
  • Question the practice or want to learn more use the Resource pages to start your own research.

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