Exercise Routines

“All things are difficult before they are easy”

Please read this page first.

Look for maximum gain from the time you put in

The emphasis on these pages is on activity (and a holistic healthy lifestyle approach) over traditional exercise.  From a purely well-being standpoint you want to avoid high impact repetitive training where the only goal is to try and cancel out other poor lifestyle choices (and that takes time that could better be put to other uses).  That said it is important that you still schedule activity on a regular basis and usually that involves adding some type of exercise plan.   If you are sports performance orientated and or are ready to take things up a notch the sub pages suggest some specific workouts and  resources to learn more about these.

Non impact sports would include –

  • Swim
  • Yoga
  • Gym (try and avoid the fake light)
  • Walk
  • Bike

For a once-a-week routine that will get you toned and take no more than 20 minutes of your week look at the Eccentric Workout ideas.  If you have no other sports ambitions and just want to keep fit and toned this is a great starting point.  You can also modify the exercises and perform many outside using playgrounds and or every day items in place of gym equipment.

Other low impact (minimal equipment use) training with maximum gain from minimum time include –

  • The workout routine found in the sidebar
  • Push-ups, pull ups, squats and planks
  • Yoga
  • Lifting is great (see Deadlifts workout)

If you are self motivated make exercise a part of your week by using your calendar and committing to days/times, or if you need motivation join a club or hire a coach.

Being active quick tips

To just stay active work these types of things into your daily life –

  • Walk up the stairs – avoid escalators or moving walkways
  • If you work at a desk/computer have a five minute walk every hour
  • Walk, bike or run to or from work if it’s safe and practical to do so
  • Have meetings outside standing up (and get some sun if you can)
  • Use a stand-up desk
  • Get dropped off 1km from your destination and walk the last part

My Personal Routine

This is based on my history as a runner and keeping running fit.  In build up for races I may change and add to this.  This is my ‘maintenance routine’ over a two week period – 8 sessions over 14 days.  Lots of rest time.  I intersperse ‘Wim Hoff’ style stretches and breathing for circulation.  Why two weeks?  I found the pressure of trying to get in different types of training within a week too stressful and time consuming, I see the value in other types of activity and practices such as meditation.  I also realize the value of sleep and recover/rest time better –

  • 1 Eccentric Gym Session with stretching
  • 1 HIIT coach led gym session
  • 1 All out sprints session (or sprints, or hill session)
  • 1 Fartlek Run (intervals/efforts)
  • 1 Deadlifts gym session
  • 1 Long Run (15-20km)
  • 1 Easy 10km run
  • 1 1km swim (preferably ocean/open water)

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