“Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give”

Give more to get more

I hope building this web site I have given a little back, both in terms of appreciation to those who have helped me and to anyone starting their own journey.

Giving may or may not have a financial component – as far as the wellness aspect of this section goes money is not important.   That said, a trait of many successful people and businesses is to ‘donate’ a certain percentage of their income to charities or causes they believe in and this may be something to consider.

Giving may well be in the form of coaching, helping or assisting others in improving their own lifestyles and wellness journeys.

How to

For now, you might like to consider giving –

At work: Sponsoring or mentoring a subordinate or colleague.  Helping someone progress professionally is hugely rewarding when you know its partly or largely as result of the time and effort you have put in to coaching them.

In your community: Supporting local sports teams and or cultural or social clubs or organizations could be done in kind by donating your time or financially.  Likewise supporting a local charity increases the likelihood you will see your time or money go to good effect.

At home: Share your knowledge of being well; encourage good practices and have fun doing it.  Sponsor a relative through education or training.  Treat yourself to a retreat, a course or something you’ve wanted to do.