“To be happy you have to learn to want what you already have”

Don’t do things so you can be happy, be happy so you can do things

How to be Happy?

The quote that opens this page – To be happy you have to learn to want what you already have – says it all.  But here are some other pointers:

From the Stoics: Measuring ourselves against other people makes acceptance difficult, because we want what they have, or we want how things could have gone, not what we happen to have.  But that makes no difference.  Don’t concern yourself with petty differences – you have too much to do.

From Meditation: Remember, its all just thinking, hope and fear are the same thing. Learn to live without attachment – and be happy.

From Me: The small things in life count, ‘Hugs and Smiles’ go a long way.  Remember the biggest things in your life and get those in first (I am teaching myself by writing).

Your journey is a mountain climb – will you spend it looking up, always focused on the next goal, more money or the next material item?  Or will you stop and look around and down?

Try This Ten Second Exercise

Taken from Chade Meng Tan:

  • Identify two people you can see (anyone at all)
  • And think “I wish for that person to be happy, I wish for that person to be happy”
  • That’s it, don’t do anything, just think it.

Feel better than you did ten seconds ago?

  • Try it every hour on the hour and see how it goes
  • I use it when I’m rushing around and everyone seems to be getting in my way… or anytime I feel myself looking down on someone…
  • It works wonders to realign how you feel


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