How do I use this site?

Have a plan

  1. Understand that learning/knowledge and habit/routine change form the foundation of the changes you will make for a healthier life (and know how to apply these)
  2. Your wellness journey is a personal one and very much depends on where you are starting from (where on the ‘wellness bar’ do you see yourself) – and where you see yourself in a month, six months or a year or more.  Define your goals.
  3. Have an open mind and be prepared to make small sustainable changes to your daily life
  4. Choose a topic that interests you (related to your goals) and something you would either like to change or try for the first time
  5. Study the topic you are interested in.  This site provides quick summaries of of each and ‘how to’ advise – however it cannot replace the far more detailed explanations and ideas provided in the sidebar references (use audio books, podcasts etc if you do not want to, or feel you have time to, read complete books).
  6. Put the new habit into practice, look at the routine pages to see how you might work this in but work out how it works for you
  7. Review the practice for positive impact and for how you need to ‘tweak’ it to make it more effective – see what other practices it leads
  8. Repeat for your next topic of choice
  9. Share your ideas, references and thoughts

If you are sick

Do not expect a change in your health if you keep doing (or not doing) the same things.  While “maintenance drugs” may have served a purpose to date the whole implication is is that you will stay ‘sick’ or get ‘sicker’ – the goal here is to work on reversing your symptoms to a point where you are as drug free as possible.

  1. This a holistic approach to getting better – the premise that sleep, diet (and water), the environment you live in, sunlight, activity – as well as your mind – all play a role in getting you better
  2. This works.  Follow the same instructions as above but you will need to be ‘stricter’ to see the changes you want.
  3. Use a doctor that has an open mind and will use ‘modern medicine’ alongside more natural approaches

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