Knowledge has a beginning but no end

Willingness to learn is a choice

Your decision to improve on your wellbeing needs foundation.  Whether it is stopping a poor habit or starting a healthy one (the main focus of this site), understanding ‘why’ will optimize your chance of success.

Knowing more than ‘sugar is bad for me’ (or even ‘sugar will make me fat’) will help make the process of reducing or giving up sugar easier (sugar is one of the root causes of internal inflammation which is the root cause of a lot more troubles than just a few extra pounds).  In other words, from my perspective, you will always fight a loosing battle trying to lose weight for the sake of losing weight.  If your diet choices are primarily based on knowledge and understanding (beyond the ‘I know junk food is not good for me’) then you will make sensible choices (more often) and weight loss will follow.

Learning in itself can be an obstacle – what to learn, how to learn, finding time to learn – so let’s address that first:

What to learn (at least a start) will be covered in the various pages of this site – and I am sure the references, podcasts, videos and sites will lead to many more.

While reading material of one form or another will likely be the corner stone if you find that difficult or too time consuming there are of course other media so consider how to learn

  • E-Books or Paper books
  • Audio Books
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube
  • Web Sites
  • Apps

I’ll try and provide as many varied references as possible.

You will find time to learn as you read about habits and routines.  You will see that just ten minutes a day dedicated to learning about how to improve your wellbeing can make a vast difference – easy first steps might be to replace you current novel, newspaper or magazine with something inspirational or on one of the topics covered.  Replace the radio or Spotify and listen to a podcast or audio book in the car or on the train.

The first premise of this site is your willingness to use it as a launch pad to explore and acquire knowledge.

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