Assess Your Wellness

How well are you?

You likely already know how ‘well’ you are and have come to this site looking for some answers/resources on how to improve (which I hope you find :-)) .  The following quiz or assessment is by no means exhaustive, in any particular order or particularly scientific! However, I hope subjectively reviewing the ten assessment questions (there are no rights or wrongs, or points, however as you will see, ‘A’ would represent the unwell end of the spectrum and ‘C’ the well end) will provide a starting point or better clarify how you can improve – as with the whole website I hope it prompts you to see what you can achieve and to discover more.

why-we-sleep1. How is your average sleep duration and sleep quality? I sleep _____

A. For less than six hours and wake more than once during the night
B. For six or more hours or wake only once
C. For six or more hours without interruption and wake feeling refreshed and rested

Sleep is without a doubt one of the “pillars” of being well – and both quantity and quality are important.  Is your sleep where you want it to be?  Prioritizing and improving your sleep will change your quality of life and support all other areas of wellness and supporting healing.

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four hour body2. How active are you? I _____

A. Live a mostly sedentary life
B. Have plenty of time on my feet or exercise regularly
C. Have a good balance between staying physically active and a structured/routine exercise program

From a purely well-being standpoint you want to avoid high impact repetitive training where the only goal is to try and cancel out other poor lifestyle choices (and that takes time that could better be put to other uses).  That said it is important that you still schedule activity on a regular basis and usually that involves adding some type of exercise plan.

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3. Are you fat adapted?  What water do you drink? I ________keto reset

A. Eat a diet high in (processed) carbs, grains, sugar and poor oil choices (sunflower, vegetable, canola and margarine…) .  I drink little water or poor quality water
B.  I drink quality water through the day or eat a diet loaded with grass fed meats, organic green vegetables, seafood, eggs and good oils (olive, avocado, grass fed butter…)
C. I start the day with a large glass of quality water (and drink through the day).  I can go 16-18 hours without eating and not feeling hungry and have plenty of energy to fuel my activities and exercise.

Diet is about more than weight.  Your diet should provide you the fuel you need to live the life you want.  A good diet works to strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Diet FAQ

4. four hour work week (446 x 668)How are your energy levels through the day? (How productive are you?)

A. I have little energy and am always distracted or find it difficult to focus on the things that will make a difference
B. My energy levels are okay or I am able to focus on the big things
C. I have great energy through the day and am able to focus on the important things in my work/life

Being well means having energy through the day to pursue your work goals as well as hobbies and interests.  Learning techniques to help you manage today’s influx of mails, calls, messages and social media input will maximize your output and mean you can get the most from every day.

Work Hacks

5. How much time do you spend ‘meditating‘ (or prayer or quiet time or spiritual) each day? I _______get some headspace

A. Don’t have any dedicated quiet time
B. Periodically have periods of meditation/prayer or irregularly follow a meditation program
C. Spend time most days meditating or follow a prescribed meditation program

Mindfulness will have a positive impact on all the aspects of ‘being well’ as well as likely improving your productivity

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6. sickHow often do you get sick, how quickly do you recover? I ________

A. Get sick regularly and usually take a while to recover
B. Get sick rarely or if I do I recover quickly
C. Rarely get sick and if I do I recover quickly

As you work on your ‘metabolic six pack’ your immune system will strengthen and you will get sick less and recover quicker.  Getting sick regularly and or taking a long time to recover generally indicates a weaker immune system.

7. How easily are you “stressed”? (What is your average blood pressure?) I ________blood pressure

A. Am hypertensive/have high blood pressure and get easily stressed or feel stressed much of the time
B. Am mildly hypertensive or sometimes have high blood pressure.  My stress levels are mostly under control but not where I would like them to be
C. Live a stress free life and have normal blood pressure

There is no reason you cannot combat high blood pressure or stress levels with a good diet and mindfulness practice, you can also use this site to learn more about the heart and, besides the obvious, its impact on your wellness.

Learn About Heart Rate Variable (HRV)


What is your weight (and waist size)?


A. I am more than 10% overweight or my waist size is over 34 inches for women or 38 inches for men
B. I am within 10% of my ideal weight
C. I am my ideal weight

I like to see an ‘ideal weight’ almost as a by-product of all the other parts of being well, including diet, coming together, rather than a focus in itself.  However, your weight, and more importantly your waist size remain an important indicator of overall health.

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9. jack kruse podcastHow much natural sunlight do you get each day? (Do you spend any time grounded?)

A. I spend most of my days in fake light and hours in front of a computer/phone screen.  I spend no time barefoot
B. I get good morning sunlight in my eyes and on my body or limit my time in front of screens or spend some time barefoot
C. I get good morning sunlight and spend little time in fake light and limit my screen (and use blue light blockers or glasses), I get some time barefoot most days

The negative impact of living in fake light should not be underestimated nor should the amount of time you spend in front of a computer screen or phone.

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10. mindbody prescriptionWhat ‘chronic diseases‘ do you suffer from (diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, allergies, arthritis, gout, chronic back (or other) pain…)?  (What drugs (and/or supplements) are you dependent on?)I _________

A. Suffer from one or more chronic illness that affects my daily life
B. Suffer from one or more chronic illness with some affect on my daily life
C. Do not suffer from any chronic illness

Once again chronic illness points to weaknesses in your immune system and therefore an indication that you should work to strengthen it.  Likewise, a dependence on drugs or supplements (with some possible exceptions depending on where you live and your lifestyle) is counter intuitive to the idea of actually fixing the route cause of your illness and reducing or eliminating the need for drugs.

A New Approach to Pain

So, where are your ‘weak spots’?  What wellness goals do you have?  Enjoy exploring the site and the references provided.  I hope they provide the inspiration and information to change your life for the better.

Benefits to Improving your Wellness