There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.

Explore – this is only the beginning.  I am excited that there is so much more to learn

My journey is only possible after years of study, research and ‘body hacking’ – but not by me.  This site is my takes, tips and techniques from the learning of many others to whom I am eternally grateful.  I hope by reference to their direct works and services here I repay a small part of the debt I owe them and my apologies for any misinterpretations.

The resource sub pages (and side bars of most pages) are links to the web sites, books, podcasts, TED talks and more presented by those far more knowledgeable than I.  The resources –

  • Are by no means exhaustive and I will continue to add to it as my journey continues.
  • May present conflicting ideas or different approaches but I think you will see common themes.
  • Do not represent everything I have read nor do I necessarily subscribe to everything written or said but that said are, in general, books and sites where I have taken parts or all of suggested practices and use them in my routines.
  • Are, I hope, useful in your own journey and will lead to other good books or references.

Some resources I have not read or explored fully myself yet but they are referred from trusted friends or sources and I have noted as such