There is no one giant step that does it, its lots of little steps

Being physically well doesn’t have to be hard work or involve multiple work outs or runs each week.  In fact when you browse the menu of topics in this section activity/exercise forms only one part – and is not top of the list.

Please remember that on the assumption wellness (long, happy, healthy life) is the reason for starting or continuing your journey the formulas of “sleep when I die”, “eat a traditional diet/have to gym every day” and “the rat race” simply do not work.  Just look around you.

Being physically well means looking after yourself in a number of areas – including sleep and paying attention to your environment – and making changes that you can.  You need to make a priority of this in routine/habit changes.  As always, small simple steps will start to show results..

The “sicker” you are the stricter you will have to be with diets and routines (see disclaimer).

In this section –