If you have not looked at the ‘Habits and Routines’ page please do so

Habits and Routines

Routines involves putting together great new habits in a sequence that work for you.  Below you will find links to ideas for your morning routine, how to eat and exercise routines.  The details of each habit is explored in more detail in the corresponding wellness pages.

Commit to your habits and routine – write them down, put them in your calendar – start making changes today

My Personal Routines

As I mention mornings are key for me.  Most of my meditation, journaling and alike are done in the first hour of the day.

What are my routine “anchors”?
While this may sound corny, in a gadget and social media driven world it’s easy to loose track of the truly important things in your life.  As you use some of the mind practices outlined here hopefully you will find more time for the things and people that really matter.  Once again routine and habit help enormously – small things can make a huge difference.  Some personal examples for me would include –

  • Phones (and TV and any distraction) off during ‘family meal times’
  • Hugs – lots 🙂
  • Taking time to kiss family goodbye, make calls when away from home and not forgetting the words “I love you”
  • A few minutes before bed with my teenage daughter