“Success is not an action but a habit”

Creating new habits are key to success and are the very premise of these pages so it’s worth a moment to consider what motivates you to do so –

In other words, are you the type of person motivated internally or do you need external ‘pushes’?  Neither are right or wrong it’s about what works.  Can you set yourself a goal to read for 20 minutes each day or does a book club attract you more? Can you get up and follow a yoga routine or do you need a yoga coach or classes?  They achieve the same end and there are various websites or methods of external pushes beyond clubs or coaches such as signing up for an online course that might serve equally well – for example maybe making a bet with a friend or relative is the motivation you need.

What is important, is that you establish the ‘how’ before embarking on your journey so you have the optimal chance of success.  Look at changes in your life that have been successful and the process you went through (that hopefully were not too painful!) to make them.  The sub pages outline some routines that I have managed to turn in to habits – at least most of the time – take the time to see what you can work into your own lifestyle.

See the sidebar for two excellent references on habit change

Habits make change possible by freeing us from decision making and from using self control

Habits and Routines are easier to implement with a good knowledge foundation – in other words its easier to give up cup cakes if you understand the issues with grain and sugar.  Hence, my journey has been made up of many small habit changes each inspired by learning more on the subject matter.

I have drawn inspiration, as have many others, from The Miracle Morning listed in the Resource pages – for me, your morning or ‘boot up’ routine is the core of not just making, but sustaining life-style changes.

My Personal Routines

As I mention mornings are key for me.  Most of my meditation, journaling and alike are done in the first hour of the day.

What are my routine “anchors”?
While this may sound corny, in a gadget and social media driven world it’s easy to loose track of the truly important things in your life.  As you use some of the mind practices outlined here hopefully you will find more time for the things and people that really matter.  Once again routine and habit help enormously – small things can make a huge difference.  Some personal examples for me would include –

  • Phones (and TV and any distraction) off during ‘family meal times’
  • Hugs – lots 🙂
  • Taking time to kiss family goodbye, make calls when away from home and not forgetting the words “I love you”
  • A few minutes before bed with my teenage daughter

What are some basic organizational and planning techniques (to help with habit changes)?
Sorry, this is far more mundane but to assist with your ‘planning’ some technology can be very useful.  Again for me, I find –

  • Google Inbox great as the snooze and reminder functions are so useful.
  • Google Calendar (or anything similar) an invaluable way of planning ahead and putting in exercise or other plans (its also easy to repeat and reschedule etc.).  If you (at least to some extent) run your life from a calendar when you calendar ‘wellness events’ – such as walking or meditating – they are more likely to happen.