Site Disclaimer

Firstly – I am far from perfect and still enjoying my journey.  There are many days where everything does not fall into place as well as these pages may suggest.

Be sensible and use a coach, specialist, mentor or physician to clarify questions about any part of this site which you feel may not be right for you.  

The decision to change the dosage or to stop taking medication or supplements you are currently taking is your own.  I strongly suggest you consult a physician before doing so.  Likewise changes to your diet that may affect any current medical conditions you have should be done so with a doctor’s consent.

If you chose to fast as part of your eating plan do so sensibly and again consult a doctor if you are considering extended fasts.

My recommendations are just that – recommendations – things that have worked for me to some degree.  You know your body and can best make decisions with your physician, family and friends about exercise and mental plans that will work best for you.  The site is built on the premise of exploring, reading and learning more about the topics presented – enjoy your journey.