“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development , because success is something you attract by the person you become”

The true measure of success is how many times you bounce back from failure

How do you measure success in well being?
Throughout these pages I have tried to avoid “change the world” quotes or “be the best in the world” quotes.  If that is your goal my heart felt best wishes but success here is not about seeing things others can’t or doing things others don’t – its about making small steady progress in yourself.  There is nothing to prove.

A part of my road towards ‘success’ was comparing myself (and those who follow similar practices) to those around us – our weight, energy levels, feel – our ‘self-reported well being’ so to speak, compared to theirs – those of a similar age and those much younger (this is not done with a ‘be perfect’, ‘I am better than you’ or even ‘I am not good enough’ approach but from the stand point of enjoying who we are).  Put the practices in to place and see for yourself.  You don’t need scales, machines or grades.  You will see, feel and experience changes.

Success is not measured by reaching a certain weight, fitness point or scoring points for writing a journal or reading a book.  There is no ‘end game’ for the journey – it just keeps getting better, keeps getting tweaked and refined – as the stoics say “We are unfinished products until the end”.

It is not the validation of study or test, it is merely answering the question: Does this practice work for you over time?

I have not experienced many ‘eureka moments’ and I do not suddenly feel different walking barefoot along a beach or eating a jar of sardines.  To me the improvements and changes have come over time – a cumulative effect – and as I indicate on the opening Why page that is the whole point – small sustainable steps.  The fact you are still focused on a practice (maybe developing or refining it) is in itself an indication of ‘success’ from my point of view.  In the era of ‘instant gratification’ this may take a few moments to sink in.

In a world where it has become common place to rely on nutritious-lacking foods, precious little activity and an acceptance of either batches of daily supplements or worse, drugs to manage or maintain illness, success might be measured by minimizing or eliminating supplements or drugs you are currently reliant on (see disclaimer) – likewise success will be indicated by ‘absence’ – an absence of drowsiness, headaches, stomachaches (or issues) and so forth.

For practical purposes, you may find these help:

blood pressureMonitor your response to pressure situations – whether it’s the stress of a daily commute or a specific situation you will find the study or mindfulness and a knowledge of stoicism and other parts of your wellness journey help put things in perspective.
Blood pressure.  Through good nutrition, a solid night’s sleep, the use of meditation and reasonable activity, whatever age you are and whatever background you have you should be able to bring your blood pressure within normal levels (over time – see disclaimer).
Handy wrist mounted monitors are listed in the resources section however I would guard against obsessive monitoring as it can, in itself, be a source of stress – I have been there 🙂

General Health:
By following good practices you will notice (compared to those around you) you get sick less, recover quicker and have less dependence on maintenance drugs or supplements.  Good practices will lead to a healthy immune system and while there are no ‘guarantees’ you will have the best chance of being and staying healthy.

Physical Fitness:
While I am personally an avid runner and still set racing goals and time targets, with the exception of some references to books I enjoy, I have tried avoid too much focus on extreme exercise in these pages.  Success in physical fitness as far as wellness is concerned for me is more related to a healthy ‘active’ life and a focus on quality over quantity.  See the results you want from focused activity and high quality training where appropriate – minimum time, maximum gain.

Don’t obsess.  If you weigh yourself do it at the same time each day/week naked.
Waistline is more important than weight.
If you take care of the all parts of wellness you will find that weight will take care of itself.  Loosing weight is a great “by product” of becoming healthier rather than a goal in itself.

You will see the references in these page are on quality and quantity.  There are no short cuts here.  I am not personally in favor or gadgets to monitor sleep, I do note sleep habits in my journal (my way of ‘what gets measured gets managed’) but in short success would be defined as 7-8 hours sleep a night where you are able to get to sleep easily and have long uninterrupted periods of sleep.

Energy and Productivity:
Sleepy afternoons, need four coffees to wake up in the morning, unfocused?
Depending on your ‘state’ when you start your journey you can measure success by getting more done in shorter periods of time, being more focused, less reliant on stimulants or supplements and not needing that afternoon nap – it will come as all the parts fall in to place.

Blood Chemistry (and / or ‘Executive Health Check Ups’)