What Is This Site

An extraordinary life is all about daily continuous improvements in areas that matter most

There is nothing ‘quick and easy’ about this site – its a resource center to take you on a continuous journey of self improvement over days, weeks, months and years. I can’t promise overnight changes but I can promise you will never look back. Take the time to start changing for good.
Knowledge shapes understanding which builds acceptance. Knowledge is put into practice by starting new habits and as habits join together you develop strong routines to support your wellness journey – this is the process of change.

This site is a holistic approach to helping you define what being well means for you and then starting your journey to improve it – whether you are “sick” (obese, lethargic, diabetic, unfit, arthritic, allergic, stressed, hypertensive or otherwise) or relatively “well” – this is a share of resources, habits, techniques and ideas (originally meant for family and friends) to jump start your road to feel, look and be better – than you are now.

about this site

Wellness is not the answer to long life itself but the cure to being happier and healthier through the one we are given – no limits.
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These are not ‘weight loss plans’ or ‘get-fit-quick formulas’, this is a road map for you to embark on a journey. That personal journey, made of many small steps and consistent small improvements in mind and body is your never ending journey of improved wellness.

The first rule of using any recommendations here is do not stress. Find what works and ignore what doesn’t. Have fun and don’t dwell on days that are not perfect (I have many days where everything does not fall into place as well as these pages may suggest).

Be prepared to try new things, have an open mind even if some of this may seem ‘a little out there’ the first time around – it really does work.

When thinking of “wellness” you may have a one area you are already focused on, or that has brought you here – likely in the ‘Diet (Weight)’ or ‘Activity/Exercise’ areas. While diet and activity are important, your journey starts by understanding the importance of Acquiring Knowledge and Learning Habit Change – invest in yourself in these and so much else will fall in to place. And while balancing what you eat, drink and do will likely form part of your journey you may be surprised to learn that the pillars of improving your overall wellness will come from many other parts of your life including improving your sleep, mindfulness and getting the right light.


Habits and Routines