Work Hacks

“Doing more of something unimportant does not make it more important”

If this were the only thing I accomplished today, would I be satisfied with my day?

Input and Output

We sometime forget just how much ‘input’ we have in any give day.  Besides your work and family, the multitude of social media, news-streams and messages we receive amounts to a huge ‘input’.  Yet how much of this is really relevant, useful or can we actually do anything about?  How much does any of it really matter?

On the other hand, what have we really achieved today?  What have we done or experienced?  In other words what is your ‘output’?

I have worked hard to eliminate input and focus on experiences (my own, not those of others on social media) and while far from prefect techniques such as listening to a worthwhile podcast rather than watching the mainstream news while making or having lunch is not only more productive but leaves me feeling better.

I have known for sometime that looking at social media for extended periods actually brings me down – eliminating or significantly reducing this type of distraction/input adds time to your day and makes you feel better.


If I only work for two hours today, what do I get done?  What if I could only work for two hours this week… what would my tasks be?

We often strive for efficiency which is completing a task in an economical manner.  But what if that task is unimportant?  Focus on having clear objectives and being effective i.e. achieving or moving closer to those goals and objectives.

Do you suffer from “continuous partial attention” disease?  It’s a real documented disease most of us suffer from in one form or another

Examine your routine –

  • Try batching tasks to certain times of the day or week only – fro example emails, correspondence, banking or ‘clerical’ tasks.
  • Turn notifications and alarms off.  Eliminate the unproductive
  • Focus on what matters, use apps such as momentum if they help
  • Shake up our routine, carve out say 3 hours of a day to hit specific goals (plan ahead – consolidate meetings or have them the day before to free up time)
  • Stop Multitasking

Plan and discuss the changes you want to make so they are effective.  Just not answering emails or not taking calls so you can focus does not work unless those trying to reach know how and when they can.  It’s tough when you are forced to question your routine and your own comfort zone – but the results are great (including this web site)